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HopfieldSimulator works as assotiative memory and can:
- 1 Pictures
--- a) Learning patterns form ASCII format PPM files,
--- b) Simulating Hopfield neural network and remeber from part of information all of stored patterns.
- 2 Predictor
--- a) Predicting the future for example predict orders, weather, sales, traffic jams.
- 3 InteliGUI
--- a) Inteligent GUI simulation for learn seqences of clicked buttons.

This is Hopfield neural network simulator project. It is writen in C++ and C# programming languages. I use Visual Studio 2008 to develop this project but you can also use SharpDevelop or similar IDE. For parallel computing I use OpenMP feature of Visual C++ compiler.

My goal is to write GUI for this project for watching in real time how Hopfield neural network works.

Picture Learning process:

Picture Simulate process:



This HopfieldSimulator is better than others presented on Internet becouse it can works with full RGB color scale pictures not only with black and white pixels. And output vector of this neural network can store any kind of information not only pictures. I decide to show its as picture but it is only mine choice. Values of output vector are between -1.0 and +1.0 and you can use useful resolution between minimum -1.0 and maximum +1.0 values in your experiments and do anythink you want with that math algorithm.

New implemented feature is Predictor for guessing future for example the producer can predict purchase orders from shops and plan production. Examples for prediction feature is ofcorse many, many more like weather, traffic jams or problems of machines.

New implemented feature is also InteliGUI for learn seqences of clicked buttons and to find seqence from begin part of it. You can use this alghoritm to build AI GUI that will be learn seqences of clicked options like menu item, buttons and so on.

I will be develop GUI for this project here and I will be glad to show you my favourite aspects of AI.

For more information in Polish visit my blog:

Best regards and enjoy ;-).
Piotr Sowa, MCAD.NET

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